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What, why, how, for whom are we doing?

TRCRM is a web based CRM system that helps companies to manage sales and business processes easily.

TRCRM converts the power of the software and internet technology to enterprise performance.

TRCRM ensure the flow of information needed by the company and the Smart Business Platform is designed to make business customer-oriented. "Shaped with expertise of GD ANGEL NETWORKS LTD in software development and business solutions area TRCRM stands out with talented functions from each other and ease of use.

Along with globalization, developing software and Internet technologies causes major changes in the business world. It can adapt to these changes and make the best use of that change companies they are moved into first place in their respective sectors. TRCRM for small and medium-sized enterprises is an e-business solution that allows you to benefit from the best and easiest way of this development.

TRCRM experts in network design of complex applications has the knowledge and experience that will serve a large area up to development.

Mission of TRCRM is to develop applications using industry standards for simple or specific management practices to meet the needs of customers to improve the profitability and competitiveness.

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Akıllı CRM


Basit CRM

CRM | Customer Relationship Management. You can get benefit of a fast and easy CRM system and avoid setup, licence and server fees by using service based (SaaS) online CRM system with TRCRM. You can try CRM system for free for 7 days by just signing up. You can increase your efficency by managing your business processes such as Customer Relationship Management, sales, marketing, business development, deal management, document management, accounting/finance, project management with TRCRM.