Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRCRM?

TRCRM is a SaaS-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that provides support for an easy way to manage companies' business processes such as sales, marketing with VoIP and e-commerce infrastructure.

How much should I pay?

You can start using TRCRM right now for free. You can buy packages with additional users and additional features according to your needs.

Who can use it?

TRCRM helps medium-sized enterprises, SMEs and corporate customers to manage their business processes.

What can I do with TRCRM? What is it for?

TRCRM allows you to manage all your contacts, deals, sales, calendar entries, to-dos, documents and your team in one place.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase the rate of profitability per customer.
  • Increase the amount of cross-selling between the products.
  • Deals are converted to sales faster and in higher rates.
  • Increase the target audience and the number of potential customers.
  • Enable shortening and simplifying the marketing and sales cycle.
  • The correct answers are delivered to customers faster.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increase the efficiency of your company.

What are the modules in TRCRM?

You have Contact, Deals, Sales, Support, Calendar, Task Management, Document Management, Campaign Management, Reporting and Analysis, Custom Fields modules available in all plans. In addition, E-Pro CRM plan adds e-commerce functionality to open and manage your e-store and V-Pro CRM plan adds VoIP functionality to manage all your phone calls.

Is it a secure system?

TRCRM data is hosted on servers in data centers provided with the high level of security and the safety and the management is fully provided by Pikoser Information Technologies. Your data is protected with layers of security in such a way that nobody else would reach other than you.

Do I need any software installation or hardware setup to use?

You can start using TRCRM immediately by only registering your membership without any server and software/software installation or additional license fees etc. TRCRM is a cloud-based system.

What is this cloud?

For the companies who want to meet the technological needs of hardware and software but are in a position not to be able to invest in large amounts, there are chances of getting such services just as water, gas, electricity. Through cloud computing services, these services can be supplied over an internet connection from data centers to charge for certain data center services provided. They can continue to use these technologies without investing in new hardware as needs increase just by improving service agreements.

Is there a setup fee?

There is no additional payments as any setup fees or initial setup costs for TRCRM.

It is easy to use? Is training required?

TRCRM has an interface and structure extremely easy to use, and designed with user experience in mind. You can easily perform the necessary actions to manage your business processes through screen design and routing of the system. You can buy the necessary training and additional modules for further use.

What about the security of my information? Can anyone else see my information?

TRCRM data are presented with a 256-bit SSL protection on servers provide high levels of security. Your data is protected with layers of security in such a way that nobody else would reach other than you.

Are my data being backed up?

We get a backup of your data in TRCRM on a regular basis. Encrypted backups are stored in 2 locations in Turkey and 1 location in the Netherlands.

Will I get uninterrupted service?

TRCRM ,with established infrastructure on cloud computing technology and managing their own servers, provides uninterrupted* service. (* Uptime ratio: 99.90%)

Will I get support

If you need support while using TRCRM you can contact us by telephone or online in working hours, send your request at any time via email or contact form in off-hours.

Can I transfer my existing customers to the system?

If you already have a CRM system in your hand or external customer data, you can transfer it to your system in TRCRM in Excel format. You can contact us for your data transfer needs of different environments. Surely a solution will be produced.

Do I need to give any commitment for membership?

You can use TRCRM without any obligation if you don't have a specific annual contract or a different contract or commitment. You may terminate your membership at any time and you can get your data in the system.

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CRM | Customer Relationship Management. You can get benefit of a fast and easy CRM system and avoid setup, licence and server fees by using service based (SaaS) online CRM system with TRCRM. You can try CRM system for free for 7 days by just signing up. You can increase your efficency by managing your business processes such as Customer Relationship Management, sales, marketing, business development, deal management, document management, accounting/finance, project management with TRCRM.