Service Agreement


This Agreement is a hand 77 Cascade Court 1 Sopwith Way LONDON SW11 (AZ) resident GD ANGEL NETWORKS LTD. at the address. (Hereinafter referred to as after GD ANGEL in this contract)

The company you represent you or the other party (hereinafter referred to as Customer hereafter in this contract) between was adopted in the apartment the following terms and conditions.


GD ANGEL the subject of this agreement to have all the intellectual and industrial property rights; customers, orders, proposals, support software developed to meet the needs, etc. (referred to as SOFTWARE hereinafter in this contract), the cloud of the parties on of usage to the customer based information technology constitutes the regulation of mutual rights and obligations.


    1. between the parties after the collection by GD ANGEL the agreed service fee by starting to use the customer of the relevant service It enters into force contracts. The contract is valid for the duration of the service made the payment.

    1. If there is no customer service 30 days before the expiry of the period of notice of non-renewal of the contract agreement is automatically renewed for the same period. Self renewed service period will be the new price is determined by GD ANGEL for Customer acceptance, and warrants.


GD ANGEL , which will make use of the e-mail address specified by the Client for any kind of statement. This applies not address, and responsibility in being kept up to date by an authorized person about the service received by the customer. Customers, in the GD ANGEL himself made clear in his e-mail notification regardless of whatever condition, problems and possible / or delays in acceptance due to be held responsible GD ANGEL of the disruption will be experienced in service, and warrants.


    1. Customers, non-exclusive to itself the dots with this agreement, only for the purposes of this contract with that gave the software usage rights to be used as limited as simple license data and source code will be kept in GD ANGEL server without the permission of the dots on them will not in any way process and that no savings in any way, the access to any cloud service is ordered and these services agree that the limited powers given to him by GD ANGEL use, and warrants.


    1. the information given at the beginning to use the customer service complete and accurate way to declare the said information on whether the message without delay updated information GD ANGEL seconds in case of any changes, the information provided and / or will occur at the point of failure in the update time of loss / s from itself would be responsible, also would constitute contract termination due to the GD ANGEL before the aforementioned issues and undertakes to accept.


    1. customers of both their knowledge necessary information for their customers GD ANGEL seconds to complete and accurate would pass, incomplete and / or incorrect information due to damages that may arise / s from would be personally responsible statements, and undertakes to accept.


    1. Client information on the service purchased, the document will be used to document the program and the safety of all will benefit from the process entirely assume, for that matter disclaims any responsibility for the dots, acceptance and commitment. GD ANGEL , the attacks that may come to the client`s server and the results of these attacks are not responsible in any way.


    1. the customer is responsible for the security of backup and data related to their service. The service received by the customer for any reason does not work that may occur or become unable to handle GD ANGEL is not responsible for storing the data received by the Customer Or, on a regular basis. Customers in this case arising from or damage that may arise / on s in no way be entitled to the rights and claims.


    1. client, any of the services purchased on its behalf or on behalf of clients in case of litigation or cause the dots to bear legal responsibility in case that there is no responsibility and all liability related to the purchase of services is made only of himself and undertakes to accept. During the use of the service within the customer`s contract in any way harm the third party / s making and the customer by a third party who has suffered damage to have any claims and / or the customer against the case of the legal process to start to make a claim in any way to the GD ANGEL and / or demand as orientation to be able to customers resulting damage / s / s is also responsible for the whole.


    1. Customer services under the contract without GD ANGEL written consent of third parties computer belonging to a third party receives services such can not be delegated to institutions, user accounts and other networks to access behavior in ways unauthorized and illegal also can not use the activities identified as factors helping to facilitate these roads. GD ANGEL moment the arrival of a situation contrary to this provision may terminate the contract without the obligation to pay compensation under any name.


    1. the customer receives services, gambling, obscenity, pornography, violence and other for criminal acts and / or use the legislation contrary way.

    1. the customer service received within the Turkish Penal Code, under the contract, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Electronic Communications No. 5809   5651 the Regulation of Internet Publications and this   Publications Through Committed to Combating Law on & nbsp crime; and other relevant laws and will not violate other laws and regulations that otherwise would be of itself, any liability that may arise, and undertakes to accept.


    1. customers, GD ANGEL himself all kinds of over the allocated to them by servers outside the software that the software is licensed and GD ANGEL the damages that may arise due to the use of the customer`s unlicensed software / s declares that it will meet, agree and committed.


    1. Customer written permission from GD ANGEL products, services and / or can not be found in any advertising activities related to corporate identity, again without a written permission of GD ANGEL the brands, logos, can not use the emblem directly or indirectly in any manner in any environment.


    1. GD ANGEL Customer itself and / or on behalf of clients the services purchased will prepare the necessary infrastructure in terms of the injury.

    1. the information in a safe place in case inform the GD ANGEL GD ANGEL receivables related services to customers and will provide access to this address circuit will give the user name and password of the customer. The security of user account information of the customer is the customer`s responsibility is not entirely responsible GD ANGEL from unauthorized access. Customer itself itself is responsible for its operations with its own user account.


    1. GD ANGEL , 99% in terms of continuity of service & ndash; ninety-nine percent & ndash; It is committed to continuity of service. Services will be based on data measured in GD ANGEL seconds point of continuity of the monitoring centers. Customers of other documents from these data certainly agree that the evidence of nature, and warrants.


    1. GD ANGEL contract the subject of forming a third for any of its obligations to fulfill the commitment party to and / or it reserves the right to make the organization a contract.


    1. GD ANGEL , weekdays except public holidays e daily from 09:00 to 18:00 email or phone will provide technical support services under the service received by the customer. Apart from the technical support hours to any action and support requests will be considered unsolicited. That the dots of the customer`s customer to provide technical support required to have customer acceptance, and warrants.


    1. GD ANGEL , in their own environment and caused by the defect occurs in the physical machine is committed to the elimination of hardware and software-related problems that may occur.


    1. GD ANGEL , techniques that may be beyond the technical faults and GD ANGEL control may occur in the telecommunications infrastructure of the commitment that forms the subject of this agreement in case of failure to perform timely because of the problems can not be held responsible. However, the reason for failure to fulfill disruption and timely service from the end of the technical problems resulting from a third person, lacking time and can not be service and commitment, are still provided that the exercise can be, will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time by GD ANGEL .


    1. GD ANGEL is to be done by sending electronic mail regarding the services received, the GD ANGEL because of their e-mail content will not have any responsibility, electronic mail is not a guarantee for achieving customer reach without due GD ANGEL any whether the responsibility, customer acceptance, and warrants.


    1. GD ANGEL , make changes or restrictions in the modules and features they offer to the customer. In such a situation it can not be found in customer refunds and similar demands.


    1. Customer service has received any payments with the panel that allows GD ANGEL infrastructure of their virtual POS accounts It will make it through. It also agrees not to blame for the GD ANGEL from disruptions related to customer service made the payment.


    1. the customer service at the beginning of the current credit card that has its own authorization via the internet system It undertakes to register. as long as the customer contract remains in force, it reported that credit card information is responsible for the timeliness of collections for the GD ANGEL . Customer case change the expiration date of the credit card information will be reported to the GD ANGEL available. Customers also for the next period of payment and billing procedures declares the basis of the records in the database of GD ANGEL seconds. Someone else`s credit card for use as illegal the information principal cardholder to make their charge-back appeal result in the amounts that have to pay back the GD ANGEL accrued interest on this amount and the bank in case the manifestation of a condition such as turning off the virtual polar because these actions can GD ANGEL will suffer loss of income and pay all damages of the Customer GD ANGEL demand first cash without procurement provisions of any notice or warning or court and all at once.


    1. customers to use the service content depending on the resulting costs, costs arising from any use exceeding their authority, late payment fees also service all customs duties applied by any authority due to the receipt or use of the purchase, fees, taxes, withholding taxes, duties and / or other fees to accept payments.


    1. following the establishment of the necessary infrastructure at the point of issuance of the service, if for some reason delayed due to customer provision of the service will accrue normal service usage fees for the period. Caused by the GD ANGEL and the customer is obliged all failures to resolve the customer will be formed its own and is not a responsibility of the dots on this issue.


    1. GD ANGEL , every month / twelve-month period will be reported before the end of the customer`s service period ends 5 days before the bill is to be paid by the customer e-mail and the amount and payment will be automatically charged to the credit card. He admitted that customer credit card on the GD ANGEL is authorized debit, and warrants. The contract is to continue to be collected from the end of the contract price erdirilmedik by way of credit card customers in accordance with this Agreement shall be taken into account, and so claims the use of the service. The service charge is not paid by the due date until the GD ANGEL service may stop partially or totally. In this case acceptance can not claim compensation and other payments under any name from the customer GD ANGEL , and warrants.


    1. GD ANGEL not ulaştıra any reason the customer bill or customers, this bill is not the responsibility of the dots in any way does not see or read. Customer billing days to declare that accept and are obliged to follow and the GD ANGEL on the grounds that the notification be made not contain any right or claim compensation.


    1. GD ANGEL , service charges Customer notification report as included in the article. GD ANGEL , compensation may be changed unilaterally. future changes that may occur in service fees will still be reported to the customer in the same way or path. Continue to benefit from the customer service, it means that the current requirements of the contract and agreed to make payments on the current tariff. Otherwise it is difficult to declare a state of customer.


    1. GD ANGEL , customer renewal periods prior to the date of the renewal period will be reported via e-mail. Customer`s membership is being required absence of any debt to the dots to continue the follow-up of the amounts paid GD ANGEL and to become their overdue also accept customer does not need to make a notification, and warrants.


    1. when stopped related services in relation to the payment of the service fee will be experienced during this period GD ANGEL is not responsible for any loss of data or any other damages. Customers any rights in this regard GD ANGEL and / or can not be found in the claims.


    1. Customers, particularly products because commercial relations established with GD ANGEL part of this agreement, customers with service prices information, including given to him / with the transmitted information and   is not limited to those stated, both print and electronic media in the financial provisions in all the information and the contract had learned about GD ANGEL , will be considered confidential information and trade secrets, this information will not disclose with no justification and / or third to share with individuals, up to twice the annual service fee if they acted contrary to this Article criminal must pay and GD ANGEL is therefore agreed in advance to cover all losses incurred and committed.


    1. GD ANGEL , the customer learned under the contract, commercial and technological secrets as confidential information to protect accepting a regular basis and a court order issued administrative orders and / or applicable regulations, explanation is not mandatory As long refused to disclose and / or committed to sharing with third parties.

& nbsp ;

    1. both sides only suitable for administration purposes confidential and will be used for this purpose are limited. confidential information without the written consent of the parties concerned, with no justification partially or completely real and / or legal person to provide the information of third parties and / or will not disclose in any way. Both parties confidential information only in unavoidable situations and work in accordance with confidential information should learn to personnel and could it under the contract to third parties with the cooperation and the staff at that point it was confidential information and all necessary measures will be required for the protection of confidential information by inducing third parties.


    1. GD ANGEL , given a court, administrative orders and / or in accordance with the description of the laws in force in cases where it is mandatory, the information it contains under the service of the customer, document, document etc. Examples may share with third parties or institutions. GD ANGEL can receive under the observation of customer information without notice or review when faced with such a situation may also share this information with third parties or institutions. Customers such cases, the rights and / or can not be found in the claims.


    1. GD ANGEL , ownership of the termination of the contract content of the customer or canceled before the end of either contract Upon the request of the customer from the date of termination, including any personal data will be destroyed or returned within 30 days. GD ANGEL reserves the right to charge for specific events such as the delivery of content to a specific format.


    1. GD ANGEL , customers in 15 business days of this contract with available by written notice to terminate without giving any reason.


    1. Client from the case because of poor or late receipt of the required payment may terminate the GD ANGEL contract and does not perform refund the customer`s pre-paid service fee.


    1. as the customer can terminate the contract without notice GD ANGEL customer service if it violates any provision of this agreement may be terminated. In this case GD ANGEL does not perform refund the service charges paid by the customer in advance.


    1. Client 15 working days in advance   provided that notice be made to the GD ANGEL written remedy contract It may terminate. This   case GD ANGEL shall not use the renewal process for the period following the period in which the customer. But in this case can not claim a refund for the service period, customers will receive services from GD ANGEL seconds. On the date of termination of the contract, the customer GD ANGEL The debt shall be charged to the termination date of the credit card account.


    1. to declare the customer`s bankruptcy or composition with creditors or fall in to pay their debts, any of the service received and / or is found to be abused by the method or the presence of signs of the direction of abused or if there are similar justification GD ANGEL regardless of condition any time and so unilaterally and without compensation as this contract immediately It may terminate. The contract, in case of termination by GD ANGEL , the user account of the customer without the need for any notice may be frozen or partially or fully closed and stopped services provided under this agreement.


    1. GD ANGEL Telecommunication Authority and so on. Agreement on new obligations in line with that of the institutions that provide services to it stipulates terminate unilaterally modify or renew.


    1. any reason the customer in case of termination of the contract, the details of its own Since the end of the contract by GD ANGEL will be kept for 30 days, after which time such information would be destruction of data, therefore, considered to be of any claim against the GD ANGEL , and warrants.



    1. Except as otherwise specifically stated in the contract, with respect to all transactions to be made by the customer, HMK accordance m.193 GD ANGEL records shall be conclusive and valid evidence.


    1. resolve any disputes arising from this contract with Istanbul Anatolia Anatolia Istanbul Commercial Court and the Executive Director are authorized. Regardless of their contractual requirement conflicts of law rules of Turkish law is applied.


    1. the force majeure or in the event of unforeseen circumstances the presence of GD ANGEL service ever unable to express or, in cases such as not delayed or missing GD ANGEL `s no responsibility will be of force majeure or unexpected state of the case to take more than 15 days demanding their entitlements period accrued in GD ANGEL and without prejudice to the right to collect this contract spontaneously denounced.

This agreement 14/07/2024 representation of the parties and binding by the competent authority approval on the internet, the date of approval became effective.  

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